Trend Show - June 2010

The NW Trend Show in Bellevue was a lot of fun. Booths full of new styles, colors and ideas to consider for next season. Ashlyn and I met some great people and talked up a storm... Feel free to give us some feedback on what you would like to see at our summer or fall/winter show. Keep in mind holiday gifts and that little something special just for you...

Newest wrap from the Nakamol line. You should see how it sparkles. It would be perfect for the holidays. This photo does not do it justice. Thanks Dawn for modeling it for us. We are thinking of you this week as you go through your journey. We promise to blog about caps, hats and cool scarves for you next month. You are in our prayers for a speedy recovery!

More new wraps. Notice the shapes of the beads. Love them!

Yes, more wraps! We can't get enough of them. You will only see a few at our party on Friday... but we promise to stock up for the summer show. And we are always open for special orders if they are placed within 48 hours of our shows. Look through your closets to see what you need for this summer, fall and winter and we will show you the catalog.

Aren't these leather cuffs amazing? This is just a small sample of the new line. The leather bends so they fit all wrist sizes.

A tray of rings. We ordered a few for this weeks party. Wish we could have had a whole tray for you to see. Feel free to look closely in case you want to order one from this photo.

Our favorite one from the group. We both agreed! It has a brown leather mini cuff that fits so smoothly around your finger.

A new line that Dawn showed us. Felt purses, wallets and totes. The colors are fabulous. Notice the little dingle balls (that's what I call them) on the bottom. Can you imagine how this would make your average brown tshirt or sweater come alive?!!

Love the name of this line... We were "tickled pink" to find it. They make scarves in every color, shape, style, fabric, print, etc that you can even begin to imagine. Fun, fresh and cute. The perfect accompaniment to a little white tank top this summer.

These watches are so much fun. The colors were like candy. I originally was drawn to them because they offer a style that is a wrap, leather band with words stamped into it. It was right up my alley. And the photo I took was blurry so I didn't attach it... oh well, we have a catalog and you can see for yourself if you come to the show.

Style Watch Magazine talks about this new purse designer that has become famous with the starts. We were told Halle Berry just ordered one in purple. There are a few different styles, but my favorite one is the one pictured below (with ruffles) in the blue color.

The owner/designer herself! She modeled for our camera. The one she is holding is by far the one I have to have!!! Hint, hint Greg if you are reading this! And behind her you will see the tweed fabrics for fall/winter. She told us to keep an eye open for corduroy and faux fur styles coming this fall. We will try to get a few for our fall/winter party if you are interested.

I just liked these little stamped charms. I am a sucker for words, you know. :) One word can say so much!!!

We both loved this bag and coin purse collection. The two friends that sell this line were so much fun to talk to. They invited us to their showroom. Sounds like a reason to for a little drive!

Those same two friends also carry this line (along with "tickled pink"... shown a few photos ago). Retro and funky. Pieces to own that you don't see on the mom sitting next to you. The colors are really fun and new styles are coming soon.

I absolutely have to have one of these bracelets!!!! Don't think I didn't start wondering how I could personally make them myself. Then reality hit me.... haha. Hello, isn't that my biggest complaint... lack of time??? So, I will support this designer and hopefully you will see these at our summer party. Silver looks so good on a tan!

I liked these little crosses Dawn showed us. The price was really good. They would make nice Christmas presents for my daughter's friends. And I would even wear one myself. I could see it this summer with a tshirt (preferably a t.fisher tshirt!) and jeans.... and my cuff from above... and my new purse from above.... !
That's it.... Just a little preview for summer/fall/winter. We will let you know when we will have the next party. We've even contemplated serving jello shots and having someone play music this summer! But for now (our first party this Friday)... it will just be friends, little bits of "this and that", mimosas, catching up.... and really, just a good time. Hope to see you Friday.

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