Happy Father's Day to all you men out there...

You know that phrase.... "A picture is worth a thousand words."?
Well, here it is.
We are finally home from our interesting, to say the least, road trip we took earlier. I will blog about it on my family blog so my family can laugh about it. Others might not be as entertained. If you are curious, feel free to go to Let's just say it involved "driving in the rain", "McDonalds", "church", "another breakfast at my dads", "a car show that only had 18-20 cars and three Harleys...and an auction with a John Wayne clock", "a sign that said Civil War Reenactment... didn't stop for that one", "photos with gnomes", "getting gas even though Greg swore he had enough and that is why we took his beefy Harley Davidson truck instead of my new, comfy car", "at least 7 cups of coffee", "onion dip (see yesterday's blog for the recipe)", and "sports on tv"... I am painting at the moment (tshirts) and will not be able to blog until later. So, for now...
This photo will have to do.
Please notice Greg's hand on the remote (so he can watch the US Open, the Mariners and some station that has dirt bike racing on it).
According to Greg... "Life is good!"
Happy Father's Day to you all.

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