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I am "fortune"ate...

Our family keeps our fortunes in an old candle
on our island.
Maybe it's just me.
I love to go back and read them.
Especially the good ones.

The words are inspiring...

They make me feel good...

Even when covered in soy sauce....

... and sticky finger prints.

One year I glued fortunes on canvases
and painted around them.
I sold them at Kristin's holiday party.
They were snatched up in minutes.
I guess everyone loves a good fortune.
I think I'll make some more this December.
I'll post them when done.
I wish you a day of Good Fortune!!!


Happy Hump Day...

It's Wednesday.
Hump Day.
We are half way through the week.
School starts soon.
Supplies to buy.
Can't find last years items.
Hiding in a bag somewhere.
In some closet, I am sure.
New shoes to pick out.
Old ones do not fit.
Growing up too fast.
13 year old feet are the same size as adult feet now.
Higher prices you do pay.
Clothes to buy.
Adult opinions do not count.
What is in style?
Lunch boxes to buy.
Takes me back to my younger years.
I had the Partridge Family.
Closets to clean out.
To fit the new stuff in.
Last minute parties to attend.
People to see.
Stories to hear.
Sports have started.
Don't get me started on that.
Brooke is joining the competitioin cheer team.
Mason made an interception and scored a touchdown
at practice tonight.
Of course I had gone home 10 minutes before.
Sorry I had to brag.
I usually don't have those stories to tell.
It's fun.
I am proud of them.
Kids now in bed.
Greg watching the Mariners.
Dishes are done (seriosly!).
Lights are turned down.
Bravo is on.
Fresh ice water is in my Starbucks tumbler.
Just learned Cutters Point has the same tumblers.
Should support them.
But have to be loyal to Candace too.
This blog is the last thing I have to do tonight.
I am now off to have a Tootsie Roll
(a lime one),
then to have some "me" time.
Sweet dreams.
ps.. I hope Ashlyn returns soon
because my blogs are so very boring.
And I need some home advice!


Betting on family time...

Greg got a Saturday off from work.
We started off in Seattle.
Kids were quickly bored.
They let us know a few times as we
were shopping around.
Could someone please open a toy store for
our youngest???
They are used to staying in hotels
with pools, white robes and room service.
This day involved parking on the street
and walking and window shopping.
They'll get it when they are older!
But once we mentioned where we were going next,
their ears perked right up....
Emerald Downs
for some good old fashioned horse racing!
Greg and I used to love going to the races
when we were dating.
This was a little different...
but super fun!
1st race G, B and M won $67.00!!!!!
I lost $2.00 :(
I promised we'd only take a few photos.
They were still happy from winning.
And they got Kettle Corn.
And they promised to hold it.
(notice who is holding it in the photo)
We called it our third child.
It was as big as a baby.
Who can possibly eat that much of one thing?

For sure we had to embarrass them at least once.
I love these things.
I want to paint one for our home
and let company take their photos
when they come over.
Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Okay, one more photo.
I love this guy.
You just can't call it a horse race
without trumpet music.
(note the kettle corn is not in the photo...
we must be holding it again)

This was a fabulous piece of art.
I told Brooke if she posed with it I would
consider letting her take riding lessons.
She's been begging for 3 months now.

Notice they are wearing down?
I loved it.
I was finally in control... camera and all.
I wanted them to do everything
a tourist would do since they did not
play that role in Seattle.

Finally, some friends arrive!
They decided last minute to join us.
Thank goodness!!!!
We got to pawn off the kids onto the dads.
Good times!!!
Moms are happy now.
Kids are happy now.
My husband found a customer of his...
and our friend went to HS with him
(how coincidental is that?).
And he was in the free beer tent.
Come with you?
For free?????
Can we bring the family?
Guys got a beer.
Kids got pops.
Moms got free arms.
And I eventually unloaded the Kettle Corn
on a table of theirs.
So, that is how we taught our kids about
book smarts vs. street smarts.
School starts next week.
There will be lots of books.
Summer is a chance to learn about
the real world...
horse racing and all!!!
ps... Never leave the gray horse out!


Picnic at the beach...

A picnic at the beach.
What was meant to be a week long vacation,
turned into 4 days of fun in the sun.
All good though...
just a slight family calendar mix up on my part!
Who doesn't love the beach?
At our beach place we always use tablecloths
(even though they have to be washed).
We also use Blue Willow china for every day dishes.
For years we had to wash them by hand.
That was the kids job when I was a kid.
Now that I am an adult, doesn't it figure
we now have a dishwasher???
Picnic staples...
Buttermilk bread for our
ham and cheese sandwiches.
Cut into quarters.
One side of bread has a little mayo.
The other side has a little bit of butter.
Mustard in the bottle.
And lettuce on the side too...
so it stays real crunchy.
Chips of choice in the wood bowls.
Diet Coke in a can from the cooler.
(side note...
we are switching to Diet Pepsi for football season
since our coach works for Pepsi!)
Make sure you have sun tan lotion on your hands,
and sand on your feet... and a little bit
on your sandwich too!

Enjoy the view.
Even better from the patio
on one of the old Adirondack chairs.
There are 4 different colors of paint we noticed.
You gotta love each generation's mark
at the family beach place.
I thougth of Meg Duerksen when I took this
towel out of the closet.
Love it!!

And don't forget the old fashioned pool toys
for the bay.
Anything that floats will do.
When we were kids we used logs.
Our kids like logs too,
but I was too tired to roll one down.
I had magazines to read
and a suntan to achieve.
Rite Aid blow up kiddie toys had to do.
50% off if you get them now.
A day at the beach...
It's a good thing!!!
(especially if a picnic is involved)


Welcome to our lake house...

It's finally suppose to be in the 80's next week.
We are going to head out to the beach house.
Just me and the kids.
And hopefully Greg will join us a few nights.
I will enjoy the SUN.
I guess summer is finally here now that it is mid August.
Typical for Washington state.
Doubt I will SKI.
Haven't done that since I was 16.
And I wasn't as good as my brother who excelled at EVERY sport.
I did excel at "tanning" though.... so SUN it is!
OPEN BAR (It's 5:00 Somewhere)
Or as my aunt says... POUR AT FOUR (4:00)!
OOPS... I forgot.... Football and Cheerleading!
How could I forget I have to drive into town for football and cheer practice
every night from 6-8pm.
So, it will have to be A SIP OF HEAVEN AT ELEVEN (11:00PM).
That's as good as it gets.
This is no joke.
Although it is easier since we use paper plates and plastic cups.
The kids can handle that I do know for sure.
And we do have an outdoor shower.
This should be easy!
Did I mention she DOES???
My mom lives two doors down from the family beach house.
It's perfect when you forgot something or need some instant babysitting.
And she has tons of magazines for reading in the sun.
Did I mention her husband makes the best drinks.
And the drinks all have names.
Green Frog, Red Crab, etc.
They are all good.
And mom keeps fancy cheeses and garden herbs around.
A treat for dinnertime.
Although this summer might be different due to football and cheer.
Either way, it's nice to spend time with my mom.
Especially alone time.
I should probably tell her that.
It would make her feel good.

So.... onward we go next week. To the beach. For some fun.


ps... Don't' you worry... while I am out there I will be painting.

And I will check my emails each night when I bring the kids in.

It's a promise!!


Summer is fading fast...but not these colors

I love the colors and patterns at French Bull.



Let your light shine...

Photo taken in Ensenada, Mexico
HCC Mission Trip 2010
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
- Nelson Mandela
Happy Thursday!
- Tracy


A "yummy" weekend away...

1 weekend
5 friends
1 50th birthday
5 sleeping bags (no laundry for us)
1 wine festival
1 iPod with various songs
100 jokes
1,000 laughs
35 phone calls from husbands and kids
1 pool
2 water slides
3 trashy magazines
endless rolls of paper towels
1 fabulous ice maker
no cable
no time constraints
many memories....
Throughout the weekend I took a few photos of the food.
But we all agreed the photos of us would remain just between us.
Tovey Taco Dip
1 can refried beans (I use the vegetarian... and I am NOT a vegetarian)
1 pkg (about 1 c.) guacamole (I use the Safeway brand)
1 1/2 c. sour cream
1/2 c. mayonnaise (Best Foods, of course)
1 pkg taco seasoning
2 c. shredded cheese (freshly shredded Tillamock is the best)
1/4 c. sliced green onions
1 tomato, chopped
1 little can chopped black olives (we did not use them this time)
Spread refried beans in bottom of a fun platter. Top with guacamole. Mix together the sour cream, mayo and seasoning packet. Spread over the guacamole layer. Top with LOTS of shredded cheddar cheese. Then top with a mixture of green onions, tomatoes and olives.
This dip came to me from my friend, Traci Tovey. We have been making it for years. My family loves it. For some reason it is really good after a day in the sun. Of course you can serve
margaritas with it if you like.
These tortilla chips (I get them at Safeway) are the best! They provide that extra bit of salt needed by women our age!!! I do love the Harbor Greens Tortilla Chips for a fancier alternative, but I do admit.... the $2.00 Santitas are the best for this dip.

Gracia's Bloody Mary's (secret recipe) were a must for the morning after the wine festival. Big glasses of water (in our Starbucks tumblers) accompanied these. And we chowed on the Jimmy Dean sausage, egg and cheese muffins. Tip from Tracey T.... instead of microwaving the whole thing, you take it out of the wrapper, toast the muffin in the toaster, microvave the insides on a paper plate, then put it all back together. Yummy!!!

A new find. And please don't think all we did was drink....
Sweet Tea Vodka. Mixed with lemonade (Paul Newman's brand or Crystal Light seems to be the favorites). A girly summer sipper for the lash ladies.

Pampered Chef makes the most amazing sauce. You know when you get invited to those parties and you feel obligated to buy something???.... Not anymore... you will be buying this every time!
Refrigerate it and pour it over a log of fresh goat cheese.
Two ingredients and you look like a professional chef.

My favorite new chocolate bar. It's hard to find, but worth the money in gas to drive around and get it. It's a delicious dark chocolate with just a hint of sea salt. After ever bite your mouth salivates. Maybe that doesn't sound too sexy... but I am telling you... it is heaven! You can't stop eating it. Little pieces here and there. A true indulgence.

My idea of a grown up cake.
Twizzlers and Charlston Chews.
Okay, that's all we had. We brought candles, but forgot the cake.
And nobody noticed.... sweets are treats in any form.
And a celebration among friends doesn't need much.
Just laughter and giggles and love.
Thank God for girlfriends!!!


home decor accessories

Loving these outlet sale items that I saw on Sundance.

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