Happy candy...

Fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls...What an amazing treat...

They just make you smile...

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.
Coincidence? I think not. -Author unknown


I went to Target the other day. I was on a mission to buy a candy jar. I love when I enter a home and prominently displayed on the kitchen counter is a big, glass jar... filled with colorful candies (or deep, dark chocolate). I bought two jars. This large one is filled with fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls. I remember eating them by the bags when I was pregnant with our youngest. I filled the smaller jar with granola bars. I was hoping to have one jar that the kids might be able to make a better nutritional choice... but, not so... they take after me. The Tootsie Roll jar is by far the most popular one on the counter! Then, as I was leaving Target, the spring section sucked me in. The colors were so vibrant... like candy. Just being in that aisle made me happy. I wanted to redecorate our whole patio. I could not justify the expense that day. But I could justify buying the cute grass green basket in the photo. Love it!!! Next time you are at the store be sure to pick up some happy candy. It will brighten your day.

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