Trash Trunk's first official show...

Trash Trunk.....
That's the name..... finding fun stuff is our game!
Here's a sneak peak of what you will see tomorrow...
The clothes are not really for sale. They are there to show off Ashlyn's flowers. These flowers are so much fun. Wear them on a coat, on a bag, on your waist, on a headband... or wherever your heart desires. I might just have to put one on my beach cowboy hat this summer!

This No. 5 crate is so cool. If I just had one more kid I would buy it myself to represent "5" in our family. But I only have two kids and Greg says that's enough... and I am 46 years old... and tired.... so I will have Ashlyn make me one that says No. 4 and call it good. Hopefully she will take special orders!

This is the chandelier Tracey Tullis sold me. It was brass and hung in the home they just bought. They replaced it with cool new ones. But I found a purpose for it..... I sprayed it black lacquer and am going to hang it in my kitchen. You will not see it there yet, as I ran out of paint (for the bottom), still have to have the light bulbs put back in, and have to have it hung. That needs to wait until after the party. Hopefully Scott Wood is willing to be hired for this job. I think he has hung most of my unique finds in my home. This time I promise to pay for it... and I will still buy him beer. And yes, the art in the background will be for sale tomorrow. There are only a few pieces of that. They are titled "I Believe".

If you come to our party you can be entered in a drawing for a door prize. If you win you will receive a year's subscription to People Style Watch magazine. And hopefully you will share what's hot with us for our next party.

The whole purpose of this party was to show you the new Nakamol jewelry. I guess it got lost in the photo. For some reason we started decorating like it was a shop or something. I promised Greg I would have the "bar room" back to its old self by this weekend.... I really don't know what that means because it is usually filled with toys, games and kids stuff. But seriously, we can't wait for you to see the jewelry. It's been hard for me not to wear it. I did buy one piece just for me and I haven't taken it off in over a week (except for bed). We will be taking special orders. Wait to you see all of the colors and styles offered. It's soooo cool.

A little sampling....

Wish jars. Hold your wishes or send some to someone you love.

This is a necklace we found when we went to the Bellevue NW Trend Show. We were going to save it for our summer/fall party, but it was just too cute. We had to share it with you.

You will see two candlesticks (and yes, the candles are included) that have been refurbished by Ashlyn. I actually want them.... just like I want the red earring she made for the party and blogged about the other day. They make me want to have a party on my patio and turn on some good music and light the candles.... and invite some friends over. You will also see Brooke's "wish jar" I gave her for her 13th birthday. Mason wrote a wish for her on a little card. It said "I wish it was MY birthday. Love, Mason".... I cried (out of sheer happiness... he Does love her... haha). Sooooo cute. And I am sure you are wondering about the personalized frame I made for her bday (turning into a teenager only comes once in a lifetime). I painted it with inspiring words. She loves it and let us borrow it for the party. I am thinking of taking special orders. What do you think?

And last but not least.....
Kohl dropped off these tshirts that were in the back room at Washington State University. They were left over from Homecoming 2009. They are for sale. We took them back and traded for an order 10 times the size!!!

I just noticed I wrote about the photos below each one. I am not sure that's what I've done in the past, but you can still read it.... right? I am certainly not rewriting all of this because it's time for me to get the remote, pour myself a little glass of wine and settle in for my new favorite show.... Bethany's Getting Married on Bravo. Actually I have never seen it before. Tonight is the first airing. But knowing me I will love it. I saw Ashlyn at the choir concert tonight. The last song of the night was "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. How fun is that!!! Anyway, she reminded me to DVR the show. It's going to be good. I just know it!
Sweet Dreams,

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