The Ghost of 4th of July Past....and missing my girls

My girls are out of town this week, and I miss them!! I can't wait to have them home again. Thinking of them and thinking of the 4th of July, got me thinking about all of the costumes we have made or bikes we have decorated for 4th of July parades. These photos are from 2006 and one daughter is Supergirl, one is dressed as a red (pink hair), white, and blue poodle skirted 50's girl, and my daughter with the bike won 1st place for her bike design "Surfin USA" with the surf board bike seat.

I think they are too old for any more 4th costumes, so if anyone else was running out of are a few!



Vintage red, white, and blue...

How fun are these banners and pillow covers from Vintage Home on Etsy.




Have you seen an Art-O-Mat vending machine? Well here it is. Art-O-Mats are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend one-of-a-kind art. For just $5 dollars you can choose from all the artists in each machine. The art work varies from mini-paintings, jewelry, and tiny sculptures. It is a great marketing tool for new artists...and for you a really fun way for you to get an original piece of art.

My daughter used the Art-O-Mat at Venue in the Ballard area of Seattle, and got this cute pair of earrings. What a great way to support artists. Click here to find an Art-O-Mat in your area.



Nakamol jewelry... available on our blog today!

Are you ready to shop???
We had a fun party two weeks ago and have been promising to show you the remaining pieces that are still for sale. Those of you that could not make the party.... this is for you. And it's also for those of you who did make it and want to purchase another piece. It was a little hectic that day (lesson learned on space..haha). Our promise to you is that we will post our inventory after each party (3 times a year?) in case you forgot that something special just for you!!!
Black leather wrap with crystal beads. Hip. Trendy. Fun. This is the style you see all the celebrities wearing in the current magazines. Cute with your dress up clothes... and your denim too.
(1 available)

Chocolate brown leather wrap with crystal beads.
Looks good all year round... especially with your summer tan.


Crimson and gold beaded wrap. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Looks great as a layering piece with your gold watch. This was one of the styles Ashley Tisdale is wearing in People's Style Watch Magazine.
(1 available)

Thin brown leather cuff with beading. Great layering piece. Teenagers love these.
(1 available)

Turquoise cuff. It's bold and makes a statement. Perfect for your summer evenings. Dress up a crisp white shirt or wear it with your flirty tanks.
$59 .00
(1 available)

White pearl cuff. Meant to be worn elegant or casual. Slip it on and you will fee special.
(1 available)

Grape pearl cuff. For those of you that want a little color on your wrist. A little fancy and a little funky all rolled into one.
(1 available)

9 layer beaded bracelet. This piece is simply irresistible. It's thick and chunky. It will make a statement. The thread is a grass green color and the beads are more of a chartreuse. It screams summertime!
$ 59.00
(1 available)

Deep plum leather bracelet with silver accents and beading. Adjustable snaps for any wrist. It looks good on a mom and on a teen.... get one as a gift for your daughter and you will always have something to borrow.
(1 available)

5 layer, thin gold beaded bracelet on brown leather cord. This piece runs a little on the smaller size. Perfect for that petite wrist or a teen. A great layering piece for the thin leather cuffs.
(1 available)

Turquoise leather ring with whip stitching on a silver adjustable band. This ring is sure to add personality to any outfit. A conversation starter for sure.
$14 .00
(1 available)

Turquoise and red bead ring on brown cord band. Fun. Fun. Fun.
This ring is about a size 5. It is not adjustable.
(1 available)

Turquoise and white pearl ring on brown cord band. Approximate size 6-6 1/2. Get that French manicure and get that party started. How fun is this for summer? It makes us want to go on vacation.
(1 available)

Grape pearl ring on gold band. Size is adjustable. It truly speaks for itself!
(1 available)

Crimson lariat. Wrap this necklace around your neck once or twice. Twist the ends. Or wear as a bracelet. It has so many ways it can be worn. A fun all=year-round piece.
$48 .00
(1 available)

Another shot of the same lariat.

Multi colored glass bead necklace. A real statement piece. Perfect for your black tank in the summer and your dark sweaters in the winter.
(1 available)


Now we are on to some photos. We would have modeled them ourselves, but Brooke asked if she could. She is 13 years old. Loves jewelry... especially if I own it... she wants to borrow it. I have now learned it is best to buy gifts for her and borrow them myself.

Thank you for looking at our blog.
If you happen to see a piece that you cannot live without, please leave a comment or email one of us personally...

Prices include tax.
Shipping is $5.00 additional (within the US).

We are currently ordering for our next show. If you see something you'd like to see, please let us know. Our next shows will be Summer/Fall 2010 and Winter 2010. Stay tuned for dates and times.
-Tracy and Ashlyn


Divine Drum Shades

via decorpad, apartment therapy, coastal living, graham and green, bhg, Country Living, and Designwali

I am in need of a drum shade for our family room, and these are all perfect.... don't you think??




I just finished reading Kelly Corrigan's book Lift. This book really got to me, so I had to mention it. It is a very short 84 page book, written as a love letter to her two daughters. It is an inspirational look at the ups and downs of parenthood. I really wish I'd read it before Mother's Day because I think it would have been a fantastic gift.

Corrigan is so honest in this book...all the triumphs you have as a parent, and all the days you really fall short. Who hasn't had their kids go to bed one night and promised yourself that you would do better tomorrow? The feeling that the days are so long...but the years are so short.

This paragraph really got me (by that I mean turned me into a sobbing mess) because my twins are now 13 and my youngest 12. It starts out talking about how the average person barely knows ten stories from the their childhood....

You'll remember middle school and high school, but you'll have changed by then. You changing will make me change. That means you won't even know me as I am right now-the mother I am tonight and tomorrow, the mother I've been for the last eight years, every bath and book and birthday party, gone.

Even though this is Corrigan's book to her kids, it felt like it could be mine too. So read it if you get a chance, I think you will be happy you did.


Love it, Love it, Love it, Want it....

images via thestir.cafemom
Andrea Jenkins of hula seventy show and tell

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