The Ghost of 4th of July Past....and missing my girls

My girls are out of town this week, and I miss them!! I can't wait to have them home again. Thinking of them and thinking of the 4th of July, got me thinking about all of the costumes we have made or bikes we have decorated for 4th of July parades. These photos are from 2006 and one daughter is Supergirl, one is dressed as a red (pink hair), white, and blue poodle skirted 50's girl, and my daughter with the bike won 1st place for her bike design "Surfin USA" with the surf board bike seat.

I think they are too old for any more 4th costumes, so if anyone else was running out of are a few!


1 comment:

  1. I miss them!! Grrr why did u have to take them back auntie? haha. i love the pictures! love you♥


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