Thanks for making the party a success...

Thank you friends for your love and support... and making our 1st official Trash Trunk party a success. We couldn't have done it without you!
The day started out like any other day... wake up sleep deprived, shower, make lunches, get the coffee started, pack backpacks, get kids to school, do dishes from night before, etc.... and then that's where it gets different.... We had to find something to wear that was stylish (not the usual jeans and flip flops for Tracy), bake some goodies, uncork the champagne, open the OJ (gotta love Trader Joe's in a carton... no time for crystal pitchers... we are moms), turn on the front porch light and get ready for some fun...

Ashlyn's banana bread was a hit. It was soooo yummy. Moist... and filled with chocolate chips. Dessert and breakfast all rolled into one! We won't show the photo of the little, mini chocolate donuts on a tray next to them. Hey, it's Friday and it's a party. Whatever! We can serve what we like! right???? Excuses are so easy... and chocolate is so yummy.

Gotta stock up on fun napkins. You never know when people are going to stop by. I love to keep them by the dozens in my pantry. The ones with messages are the best!

And this one says it all!

The night before...
All ready. Set up. Looking like a shop.

After the show...
noon today!
Crazy. Fun. Lots of people. Chaos. Crowded. Fabulous!.... Well actually that was describing the party from 9:30 until noon. This photo was what it looked like after they all left. We can't really even begin to describe what it meant to us to have all of those people there. Very touching!

And the Door Prize winner is...
Karen Kaldestad!
You won!!!! A year's subscription to People's Style Watch Magazine. We will get it all filled out and sent to you. Make sure you share it with your daughters... and feel free to let us know what's in style. Since we love your style, girlfriend! We do want you to know though.... there was a close runner up... as we were picking up we noticed someone had entered for a chance to win the door prize that really stood out. Her name is Ella. She is in Kindergarten. She arrived at the show in her dance leotard and silver, sequins tennis shoes. She wrote her own name on the entry page and even gave us her phone number in case she won. How cute is that!! Karen, maybe you could share your magazine monthly with her. :)
Thanks again everyone for coming today. Life just wouldn't be the same without you all. We will let you know when the next party is.... sometime at the end of summer.
-Tracy and Ashlyn


  1. Congrats Auntie! (Please comment back this time). I am sooo incredibly happy for you! I would love to see some of the wonderful stuff you have created! Good luck with your business:)

  2. Thanks are so sweet!!!! Could there be a better niece? I don't think so!

    Auntie, Ashlyn


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