Have you seen an Art-O-Mat vending machine? Well here it is. Art-O-Mats are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend one-of-a-kind art. For just $5 dollars you can choose from all the artists in each machine. The art work varies from mini-paintings, jewelry, and tiny sculptures. It is a great marketing tool for new artists...and for you a really fun way for you to get an original piece of art.

My daughter used the Art-O-Mat at Venue in the Ballard area of Seattle, and got this cute pair of earrings. What a great way to support artists. Click here to find an Art-O-Mat in your area.


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  1. oooohhh wow! i l-o-v-e this!!! i wish we had some around here. what a brilliant idea :)


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