I just finished reading Kelly Corrigan's book Lift. This book really got to me, so I had to mention it. It is a very short 84 page book, written as a love letter to her two daughters. It is an inspirational look at the ups and downs of parenthood. I really wish I'd read it before Mother's Day because I think it would have been a fantastic gift.

Corrigan is so honest in this book...all the triumphs you have as a parent, and all the days you really fall short. Who hasn't had their kids go to bed one night and promised yourself that you would do better tomorrow? The feeling that the days are so long...but the years are so short.

This paragraph really got me (by that I mean turned me into a sobbing mess) because my twins are now 13 and my youngest 12. It starts out talking about how the average person barely knows ten stories from the their childhood....

You'll remember middle school and high school, but you'll have changed by then. You changing will make me change. That means you won't even know me as I am right now-the mother I am tonight and tomorrow, the mother I've been for the last eight years, every bath and book and birthday party, gone.

Even though this is Corrigan's book to her kids, it felt like it could be mine too. So read it if you get a chance, I think you will be happy you did.


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