Scenes from Farm Chicks

We got to the Spokane County Fairgrounds about 9:50 (the show started at 10:00) and the line was wrapped around the block. Everyone was chomping at the bit to get in, and trying to figure out which line was the quickest. It took about 40 minutes to get in the doors, but the weather was really the wait was fine. It was absolutely packed inside. You know how it is, everyone trying to scope everything out as quickly as possible. I saw some great big trunks, mirrors, and benches....pretty much all sold before we got to it. Naturally because I took the seats out of the van, and had no kids on the trip I only came back with three things. I got the pillow, oars, and beat up tool box in the last picture. If I had a car full of kids and their stuff......that would have been the time to find a big dresser or something. The one thing that I really wanted to find were the oars, and I did find them, and they were the only pair I saw...and the price was right. All good!

Serena from The Farm Chicks was teeny tiny and so lovely. The ladies from Country Living were signing books and magazines. The displays were so inspiring. It was just a really fun day.

Then....on the way home (5 hour drive)...we broke down. There is nothing like standing on the side of the interstate waiting for a tow truck to change your mood. ha!


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