Jewelry celebrities wear...

The newest edition of InStyle Magazine is on the stands...

... and Ashley Tisdale is wearing the jewelry we will be selling at our next show!

How fun is that???? We are really excited to show you the new line. June 11th is our first party. Emails were sent out. And of course I need to apologize for the many people that did not see their names on the list. Why is it that I can never find the time to update my address book? I find time to watch The Real Housewives, go to all of my kid's events, work on designs for next year's T.FISHER tshirt line, paint graduation and wedding gifts, get an occasional pedicure, tidy up the house, meet my friends for coffee... and spruce myself up for my husband (at least a few days a week.. haha).... I guess I just said it all.... I get it now.... there needs to be more time in a day. I mean really... who decided we should only have 24 hours in a day. I need at least 50-60! Speaking of time... there are only 2 1/2 more hours left of today... it is now time for me to quit blogging and get the kids to bed and watch the Mariner's with Greg.

Sweet dreams, -Tracy

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