Rainbow cake aka "Roy"

I have been an avid follower of Meg's blog "whatever...." for quite awhile and love her pictures of the Rainbow cake that she made for her kiddos. Tracy and I decided that the Rainbow cake was pretty cool, and would be perfect for our getaway "13" birthday celebration. I volunteered to make the cake! Sigh! Let me just say that this cake really tried my patience. I made it the day before we left for the trip. Each layer of the cake is only about a cup and a half of batter. I started out with the ROY portion of the ROY-G-BIV cake. (by the way...I only did 6 layers....I skipped Indigo.) I put the red, orange, yellow cake pans into the oven and baked them for the allotted time. Meg mentions getting them on the cooling rack right, of course that is what I did. Well, orange and red looked o.k., but the yellow portion started to crack and fall apart. I thought, o.k. that really stinks but the yellow is in the middle of the cake, so I can make this work. I think this is about the time I started to call the cake ROY as in ROY-G-BIV (Rainbow)...and it was in the voice that Seinfeld said NEWMAN! I needed to move the orange and red layers to make room for G,B, and V layers on the cooling rack and then those layers decided to fall apart. Uggghhhhh!! Of course this sent me back to the store to get another white cake mix to re-do ROY. My OCD might have sent me back too..ha! Also, to get the vibrant colors in the layers, you need to use the Wilton icing colors that you can get at places like Michael's. The colors are definitely vibrant, and make a beautiful cake....but the crap gets everywhere. This is a very messy cake.

I took the layers to the Resort in separate freezer bags for each layer and assembled the cake when we got there. I cut off a little of the top off each layer, so the layers could stack well....and again...ROY's very vibrant crumbs were everywhere. I think this was about the time I might have poured a highball....we were safely at our getaway spot, so I figured it was well deserved. Well, that took the edge off, and ROY got frosted and looked not completely super fug. We had plenty of laughs and used "ROY'S" name for the rest of our trip. The cake was really delicious and the girls loved it, thus making up for any ugly. You can get the full rundown on how to make it here - click here for cake recipe. My problems making this cake were most likely my incompetence...because I know Meg's turned out great:)


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