I love My Mom, Bella and Emilie Sloan....

Emilie Sloan.... where have you been all my life?
I met my mom for lunch yesterday and she asked if I would like to go to UpTown( with her. Are you kidding me? Shop or work??? Hmmm... I said I would go for a few minutes and look around as she shopped. That way I wouldn't feel so guilty. I had just told my kids we are not buying anything until after our Mexico mission trip. There is a new shop opening in UpTown called Bella Kitchen Essentials ( I heard it was opening up on Thursday. At least that is the word on the street. The door happened to be propped open and all I could see was this fabulous Emilie Sloan bag. The owner invited us in. We took a peek. Boy oh boy... this shop is going to be fun. There were starfish candles, outdoor rugs, place mats, amazing table settings, etc, etc, etc,... you get my drift..... a girls store!!! And to my surprise, while I was walking around and making my mental list of how I would like to redecorate my home (actually I thought of just buying a new home... haha), my mom got the owner to sell her this purse... and my mom handed it to me. You should have seen how happy I was. Thanks, mom.... I love my new Emilie Sloan bag! They come in all sorts of colors. I believe the owner will even special order your requests (I saw the catalog). So ladies, next Thursday... put on your shopping shoes, grab your lattes and head on out to Bella..... and have a great time! I know I did.

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