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all over orange!Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Well, before I explain what it should just know that I hear comments like, "Can I go on Polyvore?" and "I need to check my Polyvore!" many times a day. As I mentioned before I have three girls. Two of my daughters loveeee Polyvore and can spend many hours wasting time on it. Kind of like when I spend all that time looking at Blogs... sigh:) They create new sets daily and then compare their sets with their friends sets, and then make comments about their friends sets. Oh yeah...again like blogging.

Anyway, is a site that lets you create fashion or decorating collages. Basically, you are creating different "sets" or outfit combinations virtually. There are clothes, accessories, shoes, from all differents web sites and stores to choose from. Images of perfume or lipstick, quotes, celebrity pictures, can be added too. You just create a profile and start making your perfect sets, and then looking at other "Polyvore-ites" sets and adding them as contacts. You can even buy the things you see off of the site. I think there are even contests to create the best sets.

My Polyvore-ers are the teen set over here, but apparently all age groups love it. Over at Junkgardengirl, she blogs a Virtual Weekly Wardrobe...the clothes are always so cute.

One of my twins was sick today...and I just heard, "Ohhhhh.. my friend just created a get well set for me!!!!!" Sooooo much better than a card or some flowers people.


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  1. Hey Auntie. When we all got polyvores I believe we know who is to blame for our addiction. YOU! :) Very nice site and I look forward to seeing more that you post...maybe something about me...hmmm not a bad idea:) I love you! Very saucy site!


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