new idea for fabric flowers

Say Happy Mother's Day with a jar of Love Notes...

I do have to say this whole flower making project has gotten the best of me.... I've got glue everywhere, poked my clothes, burned a finger, and made me rethink my favorite colors. I thought this would be easy!

Ashlyn is so good at this project. She stitches, sews, glues, chooses the coolest fabrics ever and makes them with a smile on her face. Hers look fabulous... like they should be sold in cute little boutiques and funky shops. I just could not get the hang of it until today..... when I came up with a grandma gift for my kids to give to their grandmas. You will notice by the photo (one jar is for their gigi we are seeing tomorrow) that I also made one for myself. After all it is Mother's Day tomorrow.

I did not capture the entire project with my camera, so I will try my best to explain it... I took Mason jars (my son's name is Mason so I am partial to these jars). I filled them with tags for the kids to write on. Then I decorated the lids with fun scrapbook paper and the fabric flowers I made a few weeks ago. I found some funky little alphabet stickers and added some words on the outside of the jar (they say "Love Notes To GiGi and Love Notes To Mom"). Now the kids can write their love notes to their grandmas (and to me) whenever they visit. I love this idea so much that I am going to make some for our TrAsh Trunk show that is coming up. I am a sucker for words from my kids. Hmmmm.... maybe that's why I became a "word artist".

Happy Mother's Day to you all tomorrow. Put your feet up, turn on some Bravo TV and let your family call you Queen for the day. It's just one day a year.... go for it!!!!


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