Memory Boards

I love a good memory/inspiration/mood board. My memory board is just a big bulletin board that I got at Office Depot, and fits in right above the desk area in our kitchen. It is mainly filled with pictures of the kids. There are some pictures of other family members, some words of wisdom, pretty paper, cards, postcards, etc. I like having new things to add, so I can change it up and move things around.

I think a memory board would be a great graduation gift....images from babyhood to graduation. Awards, cards, notes, programs, tests, concert tickets....mixed in with the photos. Great memories of all the bad haircuts, braces, soccer games, and best friends. Anything that has meaning for the graduate!

Below are some of my favorite memory/inspiration boards.


Via Wisteria

Via House and Home

Via Elizabeth Holcombe

Via Apartment Therapy

Via StacyStyle

Via Flickr

Via Simple Mom

Via Home Design with Kevin Sharkey

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