Welcome to our lake house...

It's finally suppose to be in the 80's next week.
We are going to head out to the beach house.
Just me and the kids.
And hopefully Greg will join us a few nights.
I will enjoy the SUN.
I guess summer is finally here now that it is mid August.
Typical for Washington state.
Doubt I will SKI.
Haven't done that since I was 16.
And I wasn't as good as my brother who excelled at EVERY sport.
I did excel at "tanning" though.... so SUN it is!
OPEN BAR (It's 5:00 Somewhere)
Or as my aunt says... POUR AT FOUR (4:00)!
OOPS... I forgot.... Football and Cheerleading!
How could I forget I have to drive into town for football and cheer practice
every night from 6-8pm.
So, it will have to be A SIP OF HEAVEN AT ELEVEN (11:00PM).
That's as good as it gets.
This is no joke.
Although it is easier since we use paper plates and plastic cups.
The kids can handle that I do know for sure.
And we do have an outdoor shower.
This should be easy!
Did I mention she DOES???
My mom lives two doors down from the family beach house.
It's perfect when you forgot something or need some instant babysitting.
And she has tons of magazines for reading in the sun.
Did I mention her husband makes the best drinks.
And the drinks all have names.
Green Frog, Red Crab, etc.
They are all good.
And mom keeps fancy cheeses and garden herbs around.
A treat for dinnertime.
Although this summer might be different due to football and cheer.
Either way, it's nice to spend time with my mom.
Especially alone time.
I should probably tell her that.
It would make her feel good.

So.... onward we go next week. To the beach. For some fun.


ps... Don't' you worry... while I am out there I will be painting.

And I will check my emails each night when I bring the kids in.

It's a promise!!

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