Picnic at the beach...

A picnic at the beach.
What was meant to be a week long vacation,
turned into 4 days of fun in the sun.
All good though...
just a slight family calendar mix up on my part!
Who doesn't love the beach?
At our beach place we always use tablecloths
(even though they have to be washed).
We also use Blue Willow china for every day dishes.
For years we had to wash them by hand.
That was the kids job when I was a kid.
Now that I am an adult, doesn't it figure
we now have a dishwasher???
Picnic staples...
Buttermilk bread for our
ham and cheese sandwiches.
Cut into quarters.
One side of bread has a little mayo.
The other side has a little bit of butter.
Mustard in the bottle.
And lettuce on the side too...
so it stays real crunchy.
Chips of choice in the wood bowls.
Diet Coke in a can from the cooler.
(side note...
we are switching to Diet Pepsi for football season
since our coach works for Pepsi!)
Make sure you have sun tan lotion on your hands,
and sand on your feet... and a little bit
on your sandwich too!

Enjoy the view.
Even better from the patio
on one of the old Adirondack chairs.
There are 4 different colors of paint we noticed.
You gotta love each generation's mark
at the family beach place.
I thougth of Meg Duerksen when I took this
towel out of the closet.
Love it!!

And don't forget the old fashioned pool toys
for the bay.
Anything that floats will do.
When we were kids we used logs.
Our kids like logs too,
but I was too tired to roll one down.
I had magazines to read
and a suntan to achieve.
Rite Aid blow up kiddie toys had to do.
50% off if you get them now.
A day at the beach...
It's a good thing!!!
(especially if a picnic is involved)

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