Happy Hump Day...

It's Wednesday.
Hump Day.
We are half way through the week.
School starts soon.
Supplies to buy.
Can't find last years items.
Hiding in a bag somewhere.
In some closet, I am sure.
New shoes to pick out.
Old ones do not fit.
Growing up too fast.
13 year old feet are the same size as adult feet now.
Higher prices you do pay.
Clothes to buy.
Adult opinions do not count.
What is in style?
Lunch boxes to buy.
Takes me back to my younger years.
I had the Partridge Family.
Closets to clean out.
To fit the new stuff in.
Last minute parties to attend.
People to see.
Stories to hear.
Sports have started.
Don't get me started on that.
Brooke is joining the competitioin cheer team.
Mason made an interception and scored a touchdown
at practice tonight.
Of course I had gone home 10 minutes before.
Sorry I had to brag.
I usually don't have those stories to tell.
It's fun.
I am proud of them.
Kids now in bed.
Greg watching the Mariners.
Dishes are done (seriosly!).
Lights are turned down.
Bravo is on.
Fresh ice water is in my Starbucks tumbler.
Just learned Cutters Point has the same tumblers.
Should support them.
But have to be loyal to Candace too.
This blog is the last thing I have to do tonight.
I am now off to have a Tootsie Roll
(a lime one),
then to have some "me" time.
Sweet dreams.
ps.. I hope Ashlyn returns soon
because my blogs are so very boring.
And I need some home advice!

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