Betting on family time...

Greg got a Saturday off from work.
We started off in Seattle.
Kids were quickly bored.
They let us know a few times as we
were shopping around.
Could someone please open a toy store for
our youngest???
They are used to staying in hotels
with pools, white robes and room service.
This day involved parking on the street
and walking and window shopping.
They'll get it when they are older!
But once we mentioned where we were going next,
their ears perked right up....
Emerald Downs
for some good old fashioned horse racing!
Greg and I used to love going to the races
when we were dating.
This was a little different...
but super fun!
1st race G, B and M won $67.00!!!!!
I lost $2.00 :(
I promised we'd only take a few photos.
They were still happy from winning.
And they got Kettle Corn.
And they promised to hold it.
(notice who is holding it in the photo)
We called it our third child.
It was as big as a baby.
Who can possibly eat that much of one thing?

For sure we had to embarrass them at least once.
I love these things.
I want to paint one for our home
and let company take their photos
when they come over.
Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Okay, one more photo.
I love this guy.
You just can't call it a horse race
without trumpet music.
(note the kettle corn is not in the photo...
we must be holding it again)

This was a fabulous piece of art.
I told Brooke if she posed with it I would
consider letting her take riding lessons.
She's been begging for 3 months now.

Notice they are wearing down?
I loved it.
I was finally in control... camera and all.
I wanted them to do everything
a tourist would do since they did not
play that role in Seattle.

Finally, some friends arrive!
They decided last minute to join us.
Thank goodness!!!!
We got to pawn off the kids onto the dads.
Good times!!!
Moms are happy now.
Kids are happy now.
My husband found a customer of his...
and our friend went to HS with him
(how coincidental is that?).
And he was in the free beer tent.
Come with you?
For free?????
Can we bring the family?
Guys got a beer.
Kids got pops.
Moms got free arms.
And I eventually unloaded the Kettle Corn
on a table of theirs.
So, that is how we taught our kids about
book smarts vs. street smarts.
School starts next week.
There will be lots of books.
Summer is a chance to learn about
the real world...
horse racing and all!!!
ps... Never leave the gray horse out!

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