Woo Hoo... What A Ride!

Gotta love the ride!!!
After Ashlyn's posts with her super fun home (I absolutely love her entry way), I decided to walk around my own home. I've always wanted a look from Coastal Living or Domino Magazine, but in the end it turned out to be my own unique style. It's filled with things I love. I have bowls of fun things, lots of candles, art my kids have made over the years, tons of photos of family and friends and vacation spots, many quotes from Oprah and a little palm tree out front (her name is "hula girl"). And of course there is the studio... clean one day... messy the next... filled with tshirts and canvases and projects waiting to be finished. It's a home filled with lots of action and I wouldn't have it any other way... you can ask my friends!!! As an artist I do have to say I have my own unique style. Most of my art comes from words.... hence the title "word artist" that I gave myself years ago. And yes, I have to explain it every time someone asks. This painting was a self portrait of me years ago. I have been blond, brunette and everything in between. I have had long nails, but now have short nails because they are usually covered with paint. I used to own a little black cocktail dress, but now it's usually jeans and flip flops. But even now.... I have to confess..... This Girl Deserves A Party!!!
- Tracy

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