My "not so magazine worthy" entry table...

An entry table filled with things that make me happy...

After seeing the posts of entry tables... I thought I'd share mine... I love my entry table. I am sure you have never seen one like it in magazines. I've always dreamed about a great entry that would bring "oohs" and "aahhs" as people entered my home. But I started to think about it. I love everything on that table. There is a print from Laguna Beach (which is my favorite place in the world). I love the "F" painting Ashlyn made me and hand delivered to my home one day... just because. The trophy from my kids that says "World's Best Mom 2003" on it (which I moved today from my studio to my front entry... should be fun to see friends reactions... because I think every mom deserves a trophy!). I have rocks (one from our beach place, one that is written on with a Sharpie pen and another one that has a ring around it... called a "wishing rock"). Along side those rocks sits a little, cute starfish. It makes me think of summer! Then there is a cool bird house I got from a wonderful little shop in Oregon that is no longer open. This bird house is sparkly and fun. Notice the candle? It is from Tommy Bahama. I light it almost every night. I love the scent Maui Mango and it makes me think of Palm Desert. I buy a candle in their shop on El Paseo every November. There is a print from my cousin Christinea Johnson (titled... Always do your best...) that I have been meaning to frame. And you will see I also need to frame an article from a 2003 Oprah magazine. It is from her last page (What I know for sure) and is titled... "Live so that at the end of each day, you can say, 'I did my very best'". These all sit on an entry table that my friend Candace gave me years ago. I love it and hope she doesn't want it back any time soon :). And the mirror is from my Grandma Betsy's house. She gave it to me when she was very sick... she eventually passed away and it makes me think of her often. If you look closely you can see my daughter's self portrait (from 5 years ago) that sits on our bookshelf in the family room.
I do love my entry table.... silly things and all!

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