Let's eat cake...

As I head off to Mexico with my kids, I knew I should try to write something creative. How do you do that when you have so much to do....
So, my fantasy "Leave It To Beaver" life took me to this photo taken a few months back when we started Trash Trunk. Our friend Bradie took the photo and every time I look at it I think of those old shows..... Bradie Bunch, Partridge Family, etc.
When I return I promise to "eat more cake", "hang with friends just because", "buy fresh flowers", "dress up even though I am not going anywhere", "have more impromptu parties", "tell my family and friends THEY ARE THE BEST".
That's it... plain and simple.... just have more spontaneous fun!
If I do not get a chance to write tomorrow... I'll get to it in two weeks!

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