Happy 4th... here's to some R&R

4th of July....
I truly wanted to be creative today. It's been days since I have blogged. Thanks Ashlyn for all of your fun blogs while I frantically try to finish the art that is due before my Mexico trip :). I spent 30 minutes looking for 4th of July photos to share. Rummaging through old photos while my husband and kids are out on the boat. Not my idea of quality "mom time". And the garage is just too out of control for me today anyway. Why do I save all of this stuff??? I hope when I am 90 years old I will appreciate the boxes of precious things. But for is time to relax. I pulled out my camera and found this photo from yesterday. And it made me think... this is just the feeling I want to have all day today!
"There is more to life than increasing its speed." -Gandhi
That quote is sooooo true.
I need to slow down and enjoy my moments....
That's the secret to a good life.
Last night was a baseball game and fireworks for our date night.
Tonight is a fun party that will cause many stories to be told (or kept secret).
And tomorrow is just an ordinary day.
That is why I share this one photo of you.
It says it all.
Happy 4th!

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